Dental Implants Louisville, Kentucky

All on Four Dental Implants in Louisville, KY I was doing some research online and I saw something called All on 4 dentures.  Can you tell me a little more about that?  All on 4 is a concept that started quite a while ago and basically it is a way for a person to replace all of their teeth with implants on each Arch. An arch is the upper gum or lower gum – or upper and lower jaw.

There are two ways to do All-on-4, and sometimes All on 4 is a misnomer, sometimes it is all on 6 it just depends on the case and what it takes. So All on 4 or All on 6 refers to how many implants are needed to support your new teeth. There are two types of dentures that you can have that are All on 4 or All on 6. One is a denture that is permanently placed in the mouth – you don’t take it in or out to clean it. (One thing to note here is that when dentures are created for All on 4 you don’t have the extra plastic covering the roof of your mouth. The denture is simply the gum line with teeth.

The other version is one where you can take the denture out of your mouth and clean it. The difference between those two – is 1 is implant retained meaning that it is actually screwed into the implant, and the other one is implant supported which means the implants are holding the denture in place and supporting it. So Amelia this what I was talking about – All on 4 is most commonly done on the lower arch. You see where these little screws are? That is where the implant is. If you look at the model you can actually see the four implants in place. So with an All on 4 in this case, the patient can remove the denture and clean it and clean all around the implants – so this is an implant supported denture. So what happens is the implant slips on to place – it’s just like having your own natural teeth again, you get all of your chewing power back.

No more worries about dislodging or anything. Try to take this off. Wow! Would my grandmother be able to use her original dentures for this or would she have to have new dentures made? She would have to have new dentures made. As you can see it really sticks on there. They aren’t going anywhere. The other common type of All on 4 device is where we would still have these four implants – but instead of having this metal attached directly to the implants, that metal framework is actually inside the denture – and then we make a little hole in the denture wherever one of the little screws are. So then the denture would snap into place. There would be little access holes that we cover up, and the screws go into each of those holes. So that’s just like having your teeth back. One of the benefits of having the screw retained one is you do not have to have all of the plastic in your mouth, you just have the teeth themselves and you clean those simply by flossing underneath. So there are two types of All on 4 implants. You either have the ones where the bar is attached to the implant and the denture snaps onto it; or the bar is inside of the denture and the denture screws onto the implant.