What is the lifetime of a dental implant?

So Dr. B if I decide to with an implant, what is the lifetime on that?

Implants have about a 95 – 98% success rate and generally last indefinitely.  It’s probably one of the safest most secure dental restorations there is.

If I chose to go the route of the implant, is there something we can do now while we’re waiting for the implant or can I come in next week to just have the implant put in?

When we do an implant we do what’s called a diagnostic workup.  We’ll make some models of your mouth, we’ll make some x-rays, and then I’ll diagnose and treatment plan that.  We have some 3-D

software that we use and I can actually do the surgery via the software before we ever go and put the implant in your mouth. So that takes me a week or so to get all of that together, and then I’ll have

you come in and we’ll do the final consultation and we’ll discuss the treatment in more detail then.

Is there any special upkeep as far as implants go?

The thing about dental implants is you can’t get a cavity around one or in one, but you can still get gum disease around them.  So meticulous home care just like you do regularly, brush and floss, get your teeth cleaned twice a year and it should last you the rest of your life.

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