Porcelain Veneers Louisville, Kentucky

So Amelia we talked about a couple of options with porcelain veneers.

The first option is we have some pre-made porcelain veneers that we simply bond onto your teeth, we shape them and
customize them onto your teeth.  And then the other is where we actually send them to a porcelain studio in California and they custom make them and those are top of the line.

So if budget is a concern for you you might want to consider these pre-made thin porcelain veneers.  I can hold one up against your teeth and you can kinda look at it and see what you think.  These porcelain veneers are very very thin. They are about the thickness of a contact lens. When they are thin like this and not bonded to the tooth they are very fragile, but once they are bonded to the tooth, they are just like having your own tooth again.

So I’m just going to lay one against your tooth and we can kinda get a gist of what this is going to look like.

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