Is there anything I can do about white spots on my teeth?

Dr B. I’ve noticed I’ve got white spots that are coming up on my teeth and I’ve tried using different toothpastes and mouth rinses. Is there anything that I can do to help with that?

Let me take a look. Your white spots aren’t really prominent and a tooth whitening procedure may work well for you for that. One of the things we see with teeth whitening is the teeth get whiter all the way around. So at first when you start whitening your teeth, you may notice that those white spots get a little bit whiter first, because it’s going to take the rest of your teeth to catch up to them. And then generally after a couple of weeks of whitening your teeth, that all tends to blend in and you have a nie sparkling white smile. Now sometimes the white spots are a little bit deeper than they appear clinically and if that becomes a problem and tooth whitening doesn’t work for you, then there are some other alternatives that we can discuss.

Is there anything as far as whitening is concerned, that I should be concerned with?

Probably the most common thing that I hear from our patients is an increase in sensitivity to temperature changes, a little bit of hypersensitivity. That is completely reversible. If the sensitivity becomes so much that you can’t eat and drink, and it’s really bothering you, then a lot of times we’ll say instead of whitening your teeth every day, then just do it every other day. If you still have persistent sensitivity, then there are other mixtures that we can use, less strong whitening solution, but most people do just fine.

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