Tooth whitening isn’t helping the white spots.

Dr. B I’ve been whitening my teeth and I’m just not happy, the white spots are still there. What options do I have at this point?

You know we talked about this earlier on, that the white spots might not blend in as well as you’d like. So probably the next step that we can investigate would be the Lumineers or real thin porcelain veneers. They would cover the fronts of your teeth and cover up the white spots. The other thing that we can do with Lumineers, if you’re not happy with anything with your smile, is we can do what we call a smile makeover. With a smile makeover and a real thin porcelain veneers, we can not only change the color of your teeth, but we can also change the size and shape of your teeth.

I’d think I’d be interested in doing a smile makeover.

That’s great, we’ll get some diagnostic records together and I’ll put together a case presentation for you and we’ll have you come back and do a short visit.